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Bolivia Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

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Multi Cultural Bolivia

Before you embark on a relaxing tour to the multicultural country of Bolivia, it would be wise to take some time and learn one or two things about your tour destination. Bolivia is a landlocked state in South America. Bordering Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru, it is a multiethnic region with a great number of indigenous groups. This ‘plurinational state of Bolivia’ is divided into 112 provinces and 339 municipalities within the native community lands. It is the world’s 28th largest country with a population of over 10 million inhabitants. Its geographical terrain comprises of a diverse landscape and climate. This explains its diverse ecosystem featuring tropical rainforests, dry valleys, tropical savanna and the Altiplano.  

Multiple Landscapes in Bolivia

Although the country is land locked, you can still access the Pacific and Atlantic oceans through ports in Peru, Chile, and Argentina. It also has three drainage basins flowing into the two oceans. These include; the Amazon basin, Rio de la Plata Basin, and the Central Basin. Within these basins, you find great lakes, rivers and tributaries that form the Amazon Basin. You can take a trip to the Amazon regions for a glimpse of the basin and its small feeder rivers. Take a look at the long Mamoré River and the grand Lake Titicaca. Traveling in the comfort of a car rental gives you access to a wide view of the beautiful Amazon rainforest, desert polar and the amazing valleys.

Did you know that Bolivia is home to over 200, 000 seed species?

Among the top regions of the landscape are: Nevado Sajama, Illampu, Illimani, Ancohuma and parinacota. As you tour the Bolivian National Reserves, you get to learn about the 1500 types of Marchantiophyta and moss, 1200 variations of ferns, and 800 species of fungus.  It is no wonder that Bolivia is considered the origin of peanuts, common bean, palms and pepper species. In fact, the country is known to have produced over 4000 potato types.

In addition to the amazing plant life, the country is also home to over 3000 animal and 1400 bird species. What about fish varieties, Insects and domestic animals? The country offers its tourists over 3000 butterfly species. As you visit the hot spots, you will not miss the Llama, Amazon River Dolphins, flamingos and wild cats. You can hire a car to the parks and game reserves. Though there are other means of transports, car hire is the most convenient.

Summer and winter in Bolivia

The Eastern parts of Bolivia give you an amazing tropical climate while the western part in Andes is a polar region. If you want to experience Bolivia’s climate, you can tour the East for warm summers and windy winters. The west however has dry summers with cold winters. You can go for cheap car hire services and secure a convertible car for the hot season.

Experience the Unique culture blend

As a cultural tourist, you will find numerous of native speaking groups in the region. A great number is the Quechaus, Aymaras and the Guarani. There’s also the mixed group of whites and indigenous people. The ethic mix of Mestizos, whites and natives form the diverse culture of Bolivia. From these, you find top tourist attractions like the Diablada dance festival which demonstrates this diversity. This is a UNESCO “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible heritage of Humanity”

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